Studio update on A Wagonload Of Justice and one amazing review for Stormbound

Hello Folks,

How’s it going? How’s the metal coming along these days? How’s your drive time commute?

Well, we’re still spending most of our time deep under ground recording to bring you A Wagonload Of Justice –
Our next step in taking the epic spirit of the western genre to a grand metal level.

And we love the shit out of it!!! :)

With Drums and rhythm guitars in the box we are currently finishing bass lines and acoustic guitars.
The songs are beginning to evolve that “slap in the face with every beat featuring epicness” attitude we had been looking for – It’s just a pleasure to play and listen to it already.
There soon will be another video update, so stay tuned.

In the meantime we have received one amazing review for Stormbound, check this out:

<<<OUTLAWED have really delivered the goods with this amazing debut album, the arrangements are awesome, lyrics approach very interesting and the theme they have picked is very indulging indeed, production is excellent and artwork very smart as well. I think this is a masterpiece, I am speechless!>>>

Thanks to’s Paulomaniaco for this awesome review!!!

Also check out other reviews we have received for Stormbound so far:

The final piece of the Stormbound puzzle

No more bets, please!

After the digital version being online in time we can now assure that also our physical CD release date next week can be met.

The last piece of the Stormbound puzzle finally has arrived… CDs!!!












So… Cds huh?

How did one play those damn things again? ;)

Just kidding…


Stormbound – Out January 17th 2015!!!

We are proud to reveal that our first studio album will officially be released on January 17th 2015!!!

There’s one venue to bear in mind where we’d like to share and celebrate that very special day with all of you:











More details to follow… It will be an evening with great bands – great music – and alcoholic beverages

When it all starts to take shape…

… This is what it looks like. Just finished working on Stormbound’s artwork / CD layout. Soon after that some legendary drummer, armed to the teeth with pen, utility knife and scissors, spent hours on creating a prototype for production.

We therefore proudly present…. the prototype!