The outlawed horde now counts five – Welcome to the band Tobias Langthaler!

After shaking our heads in rehearsal room the other day we spontaneously decided to take the band yet another step forward.
By separating the lead vocals and bass part we want to bring you an even more intense sound experience both live and on record!

Our prolonged search for a bassist ended after only a few days, when Tobias Langthaler introduced (yeah, well … ;) ) himself to the band.

He had style! He had flair! He was there!
That’s how he became the bassist!



It was immediately clear that Tobias was the right man for the job after our first rehearsal sessions together,
and it is just electrifying to see how the band’s sound and power really benefit from that new constellation.

Welcome to the band man, we are looking forward to kick ass and work on new material with you!

It also seems we kind of ran out on hats and stuff like that, so maybe we’ll need to find another arrangement there as well… ;)