Dear friends of Outlawed, we have had quite a difficult time in the past year or so which explains the long silence.

BUT we’re finally back on track and going strong again 😉

One of the biggest challenges we had to face was finding a new guitarist as well as a new drummer since Jake and Markus decided to leave Outlawed in order to pursue other musical projects, which we fully respect of course!

At first we had to figure out how we were gonna cope but after a while of being on the lookout it became more than evident that our good friends Lukas Breitfuss (guitar) and Sebastian Hübner (drums) would be the perfect fit to close the circle and make Outlawed complete again.

So please give a warm welcome to our new bandmates and partners in crime Luki Brtfs and Sebastian DaHübner – we’re stoked to kick some ass together with you guys from now on! 🤘

We have other big news as well! Our long overdue music video for our song „Arrival“ will finally be released this coming Saturday so stay tuned and be sure to check it out -epic is the word!

Tobias / Outlawed

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