Epic Wild West Metal.

Outlawed is a melodic death metal band from Austria taking the epic spirit of the western genre to a whole new level.

The sound of Outlawed is a musical cocktail; an explosive mixture full of Thrash, Death, hammering rhythms and epic melodies.The roots of the band date back to early 2013. While working on new material for an upcoming album, Markus Huttersberger and Hannes Waclawek decided to create a concept telling a story of an outlaw and his journey through the endless wastelands of the West. About that time Christian Höll joined the band on lead guitars.The recording sessions for "Stormbound" were completely done in the rehearsal room - a step the band decided to take in order to reflect Outlawed’s true and original sound.Jakob Klingsbigl mixed and mastered the album. Soon after that he joined the band, playing guitars. The band was complete and a killer album had seen the light of day. The following shows proved that this impression was nothing but right.

Defining. Refining. 2015 was all about bringing this unpolished diamond to shine. The band worked hard on making their vision come true and spent a hell lot of time on songwriting and recording. That strategy paid off: "A Wagonload Of Justice" was Outlawed’s next monumental milestone heading down the western metal road, released in late 2015.

Shaking their heads in rehearsal room some time in 2016, the guys spontaneously decided to take the band yet another step forward. By separating the lead vocals and bass part they wanted to bring you an even more intense sound experience both in their songwriting and live appearance. Their search for a bassist ended after only a few days, when Tobias Langthaler introduced himself to the band. It was immediately clear that Tobias was the right man for the job after their first rehearsal sessions together, and it was just electrifying to see how the band's sound and power really benefited from that new constellation.

After a few months riding the plains like this, the band had quite a difficult time in 2018 when Jakob decided to leave Outlawed in order to pursue other musical projects. After going on without him for some time, Markus and the band seperated as well. With one of its founder members gone and with just one guitarist left, the remaining members had to figure out how to cope with that situation. However, one thing was clear for everyone: This was not the end of Outlawed. After a while of being on the lookout it became more than evident that their good friends Lukas Breitfuss and Sebastian Hübner would be the perfect fit to close the circle and make Outlawed complete again!

The band is now more ready than ever to kick ass both live and on record!!!

And there is yet more to come.... The gap closes... The fog is clearing... The restless wanderer's story is about to unfold...
...Outlawed is:
Hannes Waclawek - Vocals
Christian Höll - Guitars, Vocals
Tobias Langthaler - Bass
Lukas Breitfuss - Guitars
Sebastian Hübner - Drums