Show date confirmed + songwriting coming along

Dear Outlawed horde, long time no hear!

Hope you're all riding the plains proudly and doing just fine.
Good news: We can confirm we're back to rock Rockhouse on 9.6.2017 - Don't miss it!

We aim high and set ourselves a goal for our next gig -
Playing two completely new songs and preparing a new live intro for you!
You can believe us... we are very keen on meeting these objectives :)

In the meantime, songwriting for our new material has come along pretty nicely -
We have locked ourselves up in our rehearsal room again
and are working on our vision - Just about to begin unleashing the full potential this band has to offer!

Stay tuned - We'll be back with more :)


The outlawed horde now counts five – Welcome to the band Tobias Langthaler!

After shaking our heads in rehearsal room the other day we spontaneously decided to take the band yet another step forward.
By separating the lead vocals and bass part we want to bring you an even more intense sound experience both live and on record!

Our prolonged search for a bassist ended after only a few days, when Tobias Langthaler introduced (yeah, well … ;) ) himself to the band.

He had style! He had flair! He was there!
That’s how he became the bassist!



It was immediately clear that Tobias was the right man for the job after our first rehearsal sessions together,
and it is just electrifying to see how the band’s sound and power really benefit from that new constellation.

Welcome to the band man, we are looking forward to kick ass and work on new material with you!

It also seems we kind of ran out on hats and stuff like that, so maybe we’ll need to find another arrangement there as well… ;)

Outlawed featured in LEGACY magazine #102

We had the chance to talk about our ideas and plans in an interview and Fool’s Gold is featured on the issue’s covermount CD!!!

Thanks to the crew for the great interview and support!

Check it out – In stores April 30th!

This magazine KICKS ASS!!!

Outlawed featured as „FREE (legal) download of the week“ over at Rock Radio UK & A Wagonload of CDs!

Outlawed featured as „FREE (legal) download of the week“ on Jon Wisby’s Sunday Rock Show over at Rock Radio UK –
He chose the track „A Wagonload Of Justice“ from our newest release to be played, check it out:

22:00 – 21/02/2016 – 32:35 ;)

Thanks you guys, just great to hear our music being liked and played!
Jon Wisby’s Sunday Rockshows Page of Rock and Rock Radio UK – BIG THUMBS UP AND KUDOS TO YOU FROM SALZBURG!

And that’s not all, we also seem to have stumbled upon a wagonload of CDs – Awaiting you guys at one of our shows or per e-mail request ;)


A Wagonload Of Justice – FREE RELEASE!!!

Dear MetalHeadz,

It is finally ready for the masses… We proudly present our newest offspring – A Wagonload Of Justice!!!

Download it. Stream it. Get it. Spread it.
Whatever you do (even if that one wobbly table leg of yours is desperately crying for it’s cd sleeve) – Take this piece of music and LISTEN TO IT – You won’t regret it!

Links and free download:

We also offer physical versions (CDs) at our shows ;)

Cheers and heavy holidays,

your Wild West Outlawed horde


„Fool’s Gold“ and a wagonload of artwork coming your way!

Mixing and mastering is now completely done and we’re just finishing the artwork of „A Wagonload Of Justice“ as we speak.
Rumbling and roaring the metal train is coming in… Check out this first draft:




















Many thanks to Sunny from farbwerk-tatoo – Once it is finished this artwork will suite that epic musical gunfight we’ve prepared for you just nicely!

Speaking of which…

To shorten the wait until end of November we have now uploaded the EP’s opening track „Fool’s Gold“ for all you guys to bang your heads :)


A „Wagonload Of Justice“ is coming to your harddisks and record shelves end of November.
As with our last album „Stormbound“, we plan for free release via social media and download. (Links: ).